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SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSMinimum RequirementRecommended
CPU1.2 GHz Processor2.4 GHz Processor or better
RAM256 MB RAM512 MB RAM or better
HDD4.5 GB5 GB or better
OSWindows 2000Windows XP or better
GPUGeForce 2 MXGeForce GTX 260 or better


The year is 2045 and the world is fragmented by geopolitical conflict and resource scarcity, all manufactured by Worldcorp, the global banking oligarchy. Technological advancements have changed the landscape of warfare, allowing for more worldwide surveillance, deception, and swifter methods of death and destruction.

On February 12, 2038, Worldcorp was responsible for consolidating all global currencies into one digital currency called the New World Dollar (NWD). With all the currency in the world under control of Worldcorp, they have the jurisdiction and manpower to enforce whichever policies they wish around the world.

A few policies that currently exist are: all transactions are tracked by them, each country gets a set allowance of NWD each month, and all NWD expires after a month if unused. These policies hinder nations from having free trade, investing, saving, and growing wealth. Due to this, the world has been stuck in a state of decay, geopolitical conflict, and resource scarcity.

In 2042, a worldwide task force called the Allied Liberation Task Force (ALTF) was conceived by Democko, one of the previous founders of Worldcorp. After traveling the world and witnessing the horrors enacted by Worldcorp, he was compelled to go rogue and put an end to Worldcorp’s operation. He is now on the run, but continues to lead, recruit for, and operate the ALTF.

The Allied Liberation Task Force is an elite group of mercenaries from around the world all joined together by the common goal of destroying Worldcorp and restoring fiscal independence to people around the world. With high standards for his recruits, Democko ensures that his mercenaries are able to put their elite skills to the test and work together to achieve this goal.

Build your mercenary and join the fight today as you follow the ALTF through their journey in dismantling Worldcorp.

  1. Download the proper game client depending on your operating system using the link above.

  2. Connect your wallet to the website and set up your profile in the profile section.

  3. Launch the game client and log in by connecting your wallet within the game client.

  4. Set your controls and settings preferences in the settings section.

  5. Equip your desired loadout and equipment on your character in the loadout section.

  6. Join a campaign or versus game by clicking on either the campaign or versus button respectively on the home screen.

  7. In campaign, collaborate with teammates to complete the objectives displayed in the top left corner of the HUD.

  8. In versus, collaborate with teammates to complete the mission before the opposing team does or survive longer than the opposing team.


Fund your favorite teams with FWB to support them as an e-sports team and share victory prizes with them. This can be done at the e-sports hub.

When they win, you win.